About Me


My name is Ian.

I have been a Radio Amateur (Ham) since 1981 and hold the callsign G4MLW.

Over the years I have constructed my own equipment and though I have tried very hard to make the equipment look good I have never really been happy with my efforts.

I decided the way forward was to buy a laser cutter/engraver and make the panels to a more professional standard.  After showing off my efforts at my local radio club I was encouraged to make some for our members and to offer them to the wider population.

What started out as the odd panel has now widened into callsign and other badges, general signs, power identification signs, acrylic uplite signs/plaques and coasters. Plese see my Shop for available items.

The badges and signs are made from 1.5mm thick engraving laminate. The laminate is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Cost of the signs is dependant on the size of the sign and the number of lines of text.

The uplite signs/plaques are made from plywood for the base and 2mm clear acrylic for the sign/plaque.